Sue Johnston BEM

UK Consultants at Director of UK services

The University of York a few years ago reviewed the signage which was the original signage put in when the University was built in the early sixties. The existing signage was old, navy blue and really only pointed out prominent buildings. With the University growing considerably from the years 2000 to 2012 a full review had to be carried out to also look at accessibility issues both in the existing and new buildings.

Marc Finnegan reviewed the existing site and met with Facilities and myself to look at options with a view to replacing all the external signs, building signs and also a plan for internal signage within the buildings. This project involved over 150 buildings and a massive greenfield site with a lake. Marc was asked to fully review the site to move people around the site in a safe way to take away the issues of students, staff and visitors accessing areas around the lake that had caused problems in the past especially in winter and during the night. Marc fully reviewed the existing signage strategy by the original Architects RMJM and outlined a full strategy for all signage from car parks to buildings including a review and strategy for internal buildings.

Signage and colour to the University was very important and the final decision for implementing a new strategy for signage had to go before the original architects and University council. A full detailed colour brochure and a written strategy was delivered on time and presented to Council and the Architects and was approved without changes. Key to the strategy for design, affordability and also a system whereby slats could be inserted when new buildings were built or departments moved and this had considerable savings for the University who fully replaced every sign in the past.

The signage strategy was adopted and the programme of replacement of this major large site was implemented but one of the key to all the strategy was the Wayfinder signs and the detailed maps at key locations to move people to where they wished to be.

In 2010 the University obtained a massive site close by Heslington West and the signage strategy was adopted on the new site and buildings on a 400m development.

Marc is highly talented in his ability to quickly review sites, look at options and present to all levels in sometimes a very complex environment. He is also very pleasant to work with ensure that the programme is delivered on time and within the budget and comes up with some innovative ideas for the new Heslington East site which was adopted by the University and Council.

I think it is a testament to his ability that the signage strategy works, the site allows accessibility for all and the signs look modern and are easily adaptable. I recommend Marc for his ability to design a strategy, implement it and adapt it to include major new sites within budget.

I have worked closely with Marc for the last five years. He consistently delivers work of an excellent quality, on time and to budget. He is very easy to work with and definitely goes the extra mile for his clients.

Alistair Brumage
Manager – European Retail Environment

I have dealt with Marc on a number of occasions, every contract has been on time, great quality and within budget, I would recommend him.

Steve Cloran. FRAeS

Marc has always proved to be very knowledgeable in his subject and always attempts to deliver value for money. I highly recommend Marc to be consulted at an early stage of a new project or campaign as I am certain he will be able to deliver at a high level whilst keeping to budget.

Gerald Gallagher
Managing Director at Securitech Consultancy Solutions Pty Ltd